Dominic Sposeto has been working closely now with Hollywood producer and writer Fred Fontana to bring his true-life story to the big screen.  “Sposeto”, as the film is titled, tells the story of Dominic Sposeto’s rise to becoming one of the most influential attorneys of his time.  The film, however, also delves into the Sposeto family history going back several generations and unveiling the families’ movement to America from Italy and its eventual migration from the mid-west to the California coast.  The film swims back and forth between the two time periods highlighting the story of Dominic’s grandfather’s murder to Dominic’s climb up the legal ladder in the 1960s and 70s.
Fontana is a seasoned veteran of the film business who has worked in both the studio system and the independent film world.  He was, at one time, part of Hollywood mogul, Jerry Weintraub’s producing team and his credits include such films as “SOLDIER”, “VEGAS VACATION”, “THE SPECIALIST” and “PURE COUNTRY” among others.  In the independent film world, Fontana produced the very successful Bollywood film, “FLORIDA ROAD”, which won numerous awards on the festival circuit among several other projects he’s produced in that space.  He has also written for the television series “DIAGNOSIS MURDER”.
Sposeto and Fontana continue to work together to find the film financing to bring this very relative and important story to life.  “Dominic Sposeto is an amazing man who dealt with his own personal challenges and proved that handicaps should never stop anyone from achieving their goals and making important contributions both professionally and personally,” Fontana stated, “It’s why I got involved in this project in the first place.  We need to tell good stories and this certainly tops that list.”


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